What Type of Furniture Works Best in a Kitchenette?

What Type of Furniture Works Best in a Kitchenette?

Compact furniture and multi-purpose pieces work best in a kitchenette. For example, bar stools or bistro chairs offer seating while not taking up too much floor space in small quarters.

Look for a small pedestal table. Round bistro tables or tulip-based options take up less space and allow for more seating than square or rectangular tables. Consider a wrought iron or wicker patio set for a small kitchenette. Push the table up against a wall to open up more floor space.

Choose seating that also doesn't eat away at the open space. Pick chairs that tuck easily under the table or beneath the end of the counter top. Utilize a bench in a corner to add even more seating, or use chairs that don't make the small area look cluttered.

Pick furniture with multiple functions. For example, choose a unit that offers both counter space and storage space, such as a baker's rack. Or, use a small rolling cart to store useful kitchen tools and prepare food on it. Roll it over to the seating area, and transform it into a table for eating.

Freestanding pieces offer storage and flexibility. They can be moved around as needed to ensure the kitchenette is as functional and well-planned as possible. Paint these pieces the same color as the cabinets for a smooth, flowing design.