What Type of Flooring Is Best for a Basement?


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When choosing flooring for a basement, the most practical options are tile and laminate flooring. Tile is a good choice if durability and easy cleanup are essential, whereas laminate flooring offers waterproofing options.

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What Type of Flooring Is Best for a Basement?
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Tile flooring is easy to keep clean and gives a finished look to the basement floor. In the event of a leak or flood, tile dries out without damage in most cases. Carpet tiles are another good option, because even though they aren't waterproof, they typically make a room warmer and more comfortable. In contrast to full carpeted flooring, carpet tiles can be replaced far more easily if damaged.

Laminate flooring is a good do-it-yourself option at low cost. It comes in simple snap-together pieces, which makes installation simple. Waterproof laminate is the best option, but conventional laminate works equally well if a layer of waterproofing is established before the flooring. Any moisture must be eliminated before laying the floor to avoid future damage. However, if the laying is done correctly, water damage is not a concern. It is a good idea to take an extra precaution and lay a vapor barrier before installation. This can be done easily by securing a sheet of plastic to the floor with duct tape.

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