What Is the Best Type of Firewood?


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The best types of firewood include hardwoods such as bur, red and white oak, hard maple and birch. Softwoods that are good for firewood are pine and fir, but generally, hardwoods are superior to softwoods when it comes to firewood.

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What Is the Best Type of Firewood?
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Other woods that make excellent firewood are apple, green ash and white ash. Honeylocust, black locust, mulberry, osage orange and black walnut also make good firewood.

Trees further down the list for the best firewood that still make good fires include cherry, chestnut, Kentucky coffeetree, Douglas fir, hackberry and sycamore. Wood is considered good for firewood if it is easy to split, gives off little smoke and spark, makes good coals and has a pleasing fragrance.

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