What Type of Film Makes Smart Glass Go From Opaque to Clear on Command?


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Smart Tint from SmartTint.com and Switchable Smart Film from ProDisplay.com are both adhesive films that make glass go from opaque to clear on command. Smart Tint works on any smooth glass surface and is controlled with a button or a smartphone app. The film is available in self-adhesive and non-adhesive versions. Switchable Smart Film is also self-adhesive and is switched on and off with an existing light switch or a remote control.

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SmartTint.com offers custom hard-wired systems for its smart glass, along with plug and play systems that the user can install. Switchable Smart Film is intended for domestic and commercial use. When Switchable Smart Film is set to opaque, it can act as a high-definition rear projection screen.

Films that contain suspended particle devices can be applied to glass to make it into smart glass. The films may also be placed between two sheets of glass when the glass is manufactured. Suspended particle devices are layers of nano-particles that jump into line when a voltage is applied to them. When there is no voltage, the particles jumble and block out light. Varying the voltage allows the user to control how opaque the glass appears.

This style of glass is used in homes, airplanes and cars. The glass minimizes unwanted glare, and can also make vehicles more comfortable as it blocks heat from the sun. Other types of smart glass that use electricity include electrochromic devices and polymer dispersed liquid crystal devices.

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