What Type of Equipment Do You Use for Turf Maintenance?

To maintain turf, basic equipment includes a hose, a rake or stiff brush, and turf deodorizer, especially with a pet in the yard. A plastic putty knife is also handy, but a professional turf company can also maintain the turf.

Owners of a turf lawn should maintain the lawn a minimum of once a week with a water hose. This helps to remove any dust and light debris from the turf. Every month, a person must also perform maintenance on the turf with a rake or stiff brush. Make sure to rake or brush against the grain of the turf to ensure the blades stand up.

Those who have pets must do more maintenance on the turf, including cleaning up pet messes and using a turf deodorizer. Cleaning up after a pet is easy on turf, but it is important to use a hose on the area where the pet eliminates a couple of times a week, especially if an odor is present.

For other situations, such as gum, spills or even blood, the turf is easy to clean with a mixture of vinegar and water. A half and half mixture of vinegar and water is good to remove bacteria, but alternatively, it is okay to use a mild soap. For sticky objects, such as gum or candy, use a plastic putty knife, and then rinse with water.