What Type of Equipment Do You Need for Carpet Installation?

What Type of Equipment Do You Need for Carpet Installation?

Equipment needed for carpet installation includes a tack strip cutter, a hand stapler, a wall trimmer, a top cutter, a carpet knife, a stair tool and a power stretcher. Basic tools such as a hammer, measuring tape and razor knife are also useful.

A tack strip cutter is a cutting tool that makes it quick and easy to cut tack strips. Tack strips are wood strips that run along the edges of the walls to hold the carpet pad in place.

A hand stapler is a useful tool for securing the carpet pad to the floor and tack strips. It is used to secure the pad to the tack strips around the edges of the room and then fix seams around the middle of the room directly to the subfloor.

A wall trimmer is a tool that trims the carpet pad along the inner edges of the tack strips. A utility knife can also be useful for cutting the carpet pad.

The top cutter and carpet knife are key tools for cutting the carpet itself. The top cutter is handy for cutting away sections of excess carpet. The carpet knife can cut away precise sections to fit around walls and other obstacles.

A stair tool helps get the carpeting into hard-to-reach areas such as baseboards. The tool is used by pressing along the cut edge to slip the carpeting under baseboards.

A power stretcher stretches the carpet over the tack strips. This helps secure it in place.