What Type of Dryers Does Huebsch Manufacture?

What Type of Dryers Does Huebsch Manufacture?

Huebsch manufactures coin, on-premises, light-commercial and commercial dryers. All of the dryers manufactured by Huebsch are able to be monitored and operated from a computer using the Galaxy control system. The two Huebsch coin-operated dryer models are the commercial vended tumble dryer and the vended laundromat dryer.

The commercial vended tumble dryer comes in 25- to 55-pound capacity and 50- to 75-pound capacity options. The dryers are stainless steel, have multiple points of suspension and feature self-cleaning lint screens. The vended laundromat dryers have a 7 cubit feet capacity cylinder and a two-piece front panel.

The on-premises Huebsch light-commercial dryers come with an extra large drying capacity, a reversible door and an easy-to-remove lint filter. The light-commercial Huebsch dryers are designed for smaller sized business establishments that still require a commercial grade appliance.

The commercial grade, on-premises Huebsch tumble dryers come with different load capacity options, such as 25 to 55, 50 to 75, 120 to 170 and 200 pounds. The models come with an optional fire suppression system, a self-cleaning lint screen and digital or microprocessor controls.

Dryer product brochures, technical literature and manuals are all available for download on the Huebsch website as of March 2015. The website also provides a dealer locator search feature that is organized by ZIP code that helps customers find local Huebsch certified retailers.