What Type of Bricks Are Used for Home Building?

The types of bricks used in home construction include common burnt clay bricks, engineering bricks, sand lime bricks, concrete bricks and fly ash clay bricks. Bricks have many advantages when used in construction. They feature natural colors and textures and have the ability to release and absorb moisture that helps to regulate humidity and temperature. They also offer good sound and thermal insulation.

Burnt clay bricks are pressed into a mold, dried and then fired in a kiln. These bricks require plastering when used in construction and are usually used in general construction projects.

Sand lime bricks consist of sand, lime and fly ash that is mixed together. The mixture is then treated with a chemical process and molded under pressure to form the bricks. The bricks have a grey color, rather than the standard reddish tone, and because their shape is uniform, they don’t require plastering.

Engineering bricks are produced using temperatures that are extremely high forming a brick that is particularly strong and dense. These bricks have excellent load-bearing capability and are chemical-resistant.

Concrete bricks consist of solid concrete that can be pigmented during production to provide different colors. They are typically used in fences and facades because of their aesthetic appeal.

Fly ash clay bricks are made of clay and ash at high temperatures and possess innovative colors and textures.