What Type of Behr Products Work Well on a Garage Floor?


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Behr products that are designed to be used on garage floors are one- and two-part epoxy concrete and garage floor paint. Epoxy-based paints are best used on floors where high foot traffic is present, because they are extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing and generally come with a nonslip finish. The Behr Premium one-part epoxy concrete and garage floor paint is a water-based product, which makes it far easier to clean up than oil-based ones.

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The paint can be applied to many different kinds of surfaces include porous concrete, masonry, stone and brick. The Behr website does remind customers that newly poured concrete needs to set for at least 30 days before the one-part epoxy paint can be applied to it.

The Behr two-part epoxy concrete and garage floor paint is similar to the one-part in that it is also water-based and adheres to the same types of materials as the one-part. However, the difference between the two lies in how the two-part epoxy paint is prepared. Where the resin and hardener elements in the one-part epoxy are mixed by the manufacturer, the elements in the two-part paint are mixed right before they are applied. This makes two-part epoxy paint dry the hardest and provide the most durability in comparison to one-part epoxy paint.

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