What Is a Two-Ton Heat Pump Used For?


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Two-ton heat pumps are part of a Split System home ventilation setup, wherein the heat pump is installed outside the home to both heat and cool the air being circulated into the home. It works in conjunction with an air handler inside the home that actually moves the air.

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One of the most common types of home ventilation configurations is the Split System, which refers to two different machines that work in collusion to condition the air in the home. The heat pump is placed outside the home and works cool the air by either passing it by a coolant that lowers the temperature or a heating system that raises the temperature. The exact temperature of the air is determined by the home's thermostat. Once the air reaches the desired temperature, it is passed to an air handler, which completes the second half of the process.

An air handler consists of a motor that pulls in and pushes out air through the home's air vents and duct systems. The air in the home is pulled in through the ducts by the handler and then pushed to the heat pump. It is then drawn out of the heat pump and recirculated throughout the home.

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