How Do You Turn on a Water Heater?

How Do You Turn on a Water Heater?

To turn a water heater on, turn the gas supply off, and then set the gas knob to the pilot position. Press the reset button, and light the pilot. Turn the gas back on, and set the temperature to your liking.

  1. Turn off the gas supply

    Turn the gas control to the off position, and wait a few minutes for any gas to dissipate. Remove the pilot light cover, and locate the pilot tube.

  2. Light the pilot

    Set the gas control to the pilot position, light a match and hold it near the end of the pilot tube while pressing down the reset button. When a flame appears, remove the match, hold the button for about a minute and then release.

  3. Turn the gas back on

    Turn the gas to the on position, and adjust the temperature as desired.