How Do You Turn Off the Hot Water Supply?

The hot water line to any faucet can be stopped by closing the shut-off valve underneath the sink. Hot water to the whole house can be shut off at the water heater.

  1. Locate faucet hot water line
  2. Look under the sink. Two water lines extend from out of the wall up to the underside of the faucet. The hot water line should be on the side of the hot water faucet handle. Two separate lines also feed the washing machine, and may feature a valve or a lever.

  3. Turn to close the hot water line
  4. Twist the hot water valve clockwise until it stops turning to shut it off. If the hot water line uses a lever, push it in the opposite direction from its current position. For instance, if the lever is currently upright, pull it all the way down to shut off the water flow.

  5. Temporarily turn off the water heater
  6. To shut off a water heater for temporary work, twist the cold water supply valve above the heater clockwise until it stops turning.