How Do You Turn on a Generator With an Electric Starter?

How Do You Turn on a Generator With an Electric Starter?

To turn on a generator with an electric start safely, a user needs to inspect the oil and fuel levels, ensure that the fuel valve and choke are in the right positions and then turn on the generator by pressing the engine control switch. Before starting the generator, it is important to take the generator outside. Taking these safety precautions can avoid carbon monoxide fumes from building up in an indoor area, notes

Portable electric start generators are useful for emergency situations such as power outages. For turning on most electric start portable generators, one can use the following general procedure. However, it is advisable that homeowners look at the generator's manual for operating instructions for their specific brand and model of generator.

  1. Move the generator outdoors
  2. Take the generator outside if it is stored indoors. Make sure that the generator is at least 15 feet away from the home or any open windows to prevent exhaust from entering the house.

  3. Check the fuel and oil levels
  4. Take off the fuel tank cap and check to see if it has the correct amount of fuel. Fill with fuel to about one and a half inches from the top of the tank with the specific fuel suggested in the generator manual. Replace the cap back on the fuel tank. Check the oil level and, if necessary, fill to the required level.

  5. Move the fuel valve and choke lever to the proper positions
  6. Turn the fuel valve to its "On" position and then pull the engine choke lever so that it is also in the "On" position. Press the engine power switch to turn it on, wait until the engine warms up and then pull the choke throttle lever to the "Run" position.