What Is a Tub Drain Assembly?

What Is a Tub Drain Assembly?

A tub drain assembly is the pipe assembly that includes the overflow and main drain stopper components on a bathtub. Most tub drain assemblies utilize a toe touch, push-pull, lift-and-turn, flip-it, pop-up or plunger-style main drain stopper.

Tub stoppers can be repaired or replaced, but homeowners need to first identify the type of stopper before proceeding:

  • Toe touch
  • Toe touch stoppers open and close by pushing down on them. To remove this type of stopper, turn the top counter-clockwise while it is in the open position. The assembly should screw out.

  • Push-pull
  • These stoppers have a knob that the user pushes down and pulls up to open and close. To remove this type of stopper, unscrew the top knob and brass insert and pull out the stopper. The remaining drain body needs to be removed with a drain key.

  • Lift-and-turn
  • These stoppers look like the push-push option, but they require the user to turn the knob to lock it in place. They are removed in the same way as the push-pull options.

  • Flip-it
  • These stoppers have a toggle that opens and closes the stopper, and they are easily removed by pulling them out of the drain.

  • Pop-up
  • These stoppers utilize a trip lever on the overflow that opens and closes the drain. With the lever in the open position, wiggle slightly and pull straight up to remove the stopper.

  • Plunger
  • Plunger-style stoppers also use a trip lever but they typically do not include a visible stopper in the drain. Remove these by unscrewing the cover plate from the face plate and pulling the trip lever out of the pipe assembly.