What Are Some Troubleshooting Tips for a Toro Mower?


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To troubleshoot a Toro lawnmower that doesn't run properly, drain the gas that is currently in the mower, and replace it with fresh fuel. Remove and inspect the air filter and spark plug, and replace items that appear excessively dirty or damaged. If the mower is electric, plug it in, and charge the mower until the indicator light is green before testing the mower. Examine the fuse located behind the battery compartment, and replace the fuse if it is blown.

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To drain the gas from the mower, remove the gas cap, and tilt the mower on its side to allow the gas to drain into an approved container. If the fuse is located in the battery compartment, remove the screw holding the battery compartment in place, and set the compartment aside. Remove and replace the fuse before replacing the battery.

If the lawnmower isn't cutting properly, disconnect the spark plug, and turn the mower on its side. Wearing gloves, examine the cutting blade, and tighten the bolt in the center of the blade if the blade is loose.

Examine the edge of the cutting blade to ensure it isn't dull or damaged. Remove the blade and sharpen it with a metal file if it is dull, or replace the blade if it is damaged.

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