What Are Some Troubleshooting Tips for Tappan Stoves?


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When trouble-shooting a Tappan stove, first check for aluminum foil spread on the oven bottom. This blocks airflow and can cause burners to malfunction. Check that oven controls are set correctly, and suspect spilled food if flames erupt in the oven or smoke seeps out of the vent.

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Always wear gloves to avoid cuts from sheet metal parts, and examine new parts to determine how to remove old parts. Follow manual instructions by replacing parts when suggested rather than attempting to clean and lubricate them. A reputable appliance parts dealer can provide answers to many questions, including the proper heat-treated wire, nuts and connections to splice in your Tappan stove. Do not use regular materials, because they will melt in the oven's high temperatures.

Trouble-shoot the wall outlet's 110-volt power supply by plugging in a hair dryer or other small appliance to determine if there is full power, but use a Volt-Ohm meter to test the 220-volt power supply. Test disconnected joints for leaks before reassembling them. Always replace the green ground leads when removing an electrical component in the oven, but never remove the third ground prong in the main power plug, because the spark electrode does not work without grounding.

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