What Are Some Troubleshooting Tips for Kenmore Washers?


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Troubleshooting tips for Kenmore washers include observing the speed with which the washer fills with water, if it spins slowly, makes loud noises or if puddles of water appear in front of the appliance. Kenmore washers that fill slowly may have a restricted water inlet valve.

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A less common reason for a slow fill cycle is because an object has become lodged in the water inlet valve. Either way, owners should never try to disassemble the water inlet valve. They should replace the valve if it appears to be malfunctioning.

A Kenmore washer spins slowly because the clutch component that drives the washer tub is worn down and needs to be replaced. If the washer tub fills with water during the washing cycle but does not agitate or spin then most likely the lid switch assembly needs to be replaced.

Kenmore washers that emit loud noises during the washing cycle need to have their bearings replaced immediately. Postponing the replacement of Kenmore washer bearings could cause damage to the washer tub.

If puddles of water appear in front of the appliance, then it is most likely that washer's drain pump has either malfunctioned and needs to be replaced, or the pump isn't connected properly to the motor. The pump is connected to the motor with two clips, and if either one of the clips are loose or missing, the pump may leak.

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