What Are Troubleshooting Tips for an Eljer Shower Faucet?

What Are Troubleshooting Tips for an Eljer Shower Faucet?

In order to troubleshoot an Eljer shower faucet, the basics such as water pressure and water heater temperature should be checked, along with the temperature limiter or shower cartridge. Before disassembling the unit, make sure the other faucets in the house are running correctly.

Troubleshooting a shower system varies according to what the problem is. If there is an issue with the water temperature, then the heater should be inspected to ensure it is warming the water. Use the following tips to help troubleshoot a shower faucet that is not working properly.

  1. Remove the handle
  2. Inspect the temperature limiter on the handle. If stuck in either direction, the water will only be cold or hot.

  3. Inspect the cartridge
  4. The cartridge, also known as the shower valve, is the moving piece inside the system that opens the pathway for hot or cold water. Inspect it for any leaks. Some leaks can be seen dripping from the handle assembly, while others may be coming from the rear of the valve.

  5. Check the cartridge's orientation
  6. Check to see if the valve was installed in the correct direction. If it is upside down, the water temperature will be limited in how hot or cold it can be. Repair will require valve re-installation.