What Are Some Troubleshooting Tips for Common Roomba Vacuum Problems?


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One tip for troubleshooting a Roomba vacuum is to reset the device and charge it for 16 or 72 hours without interruption to rule out issues with the battery system. Another tip for troubleshooting battery and power issues include removing the battery from the unit and charging it directly. After charging the battery for no more than 15 minutes, reinstall it, and start the device. Replace the battery if the vacuum is only able to operate for a few minutes.

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Another method of troubleshooting Roomba problems is to remove any hair or fuzz that may have become trapped within the unit. Use compressed air to clean out any debris that may impair performance, and then test the vacuum to ensure proper operation. For devices that still have problems, access the units diagnostic mode. Cleaning the units optical tachometers is another troubleshooting method that can address issues causing the vacuum to circle backwards upon activation before stopping completely.

Cleaning dirt and other debris that may become stuck between the wheels and body may solve a number of movement problems. Always consult the owner's manual when attempting to troubleshoot a problem. Some self-repairs may void the warranty or cause further harm to the vacuum. Always wear eye protection and dust mask when performing any repairs on the unit.

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