What Are Some Troubleshooting Tips for a Cal Spa?


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To troubleshoot a Cal spa, read the message code on the control panel to diagnose the problem. If the breaker shuts off, use the control panel or bleeder valve to prime the pump. For water pressure problems, try and clean the filter and remove any debris that may be blocking the suction fittings.

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"OH" or "HH" codes on the control panel mean that the spa is overheating and the water is too hot. The spa automatically resets itself when temperatures reach 107 degrees. If they do not, switch the power off and call a customer service technician. A "dY" code means there is insufficient water in the heater, and you may need to reset the spa to resolve this.

The pump may fail to prime because air is trapped in the pump. To solve this problem, turn the spa off, and wait for the code "PR" to appear on the display. Press the Jets button, and let the water run for 10 seconds on low speed. Press this button again so that the water runs for 10 seconds on high speed. Press the button a third time to turn the pump off for about 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat these steps at least four times until water flows freely through all the jets as this means there is no more air in the pumps.

If the water pressure is low, the filter could be dirty. Remove it, clean it, and get rid of any blockage. Low water pressure could also mean the spa is in filtration mode. Press the Jets button so that the water runs on high speed.

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