How Do You Troubleshoot Zone Valves?


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To troubleshoot zone valves, start by checking the power head and then the manual lever. If this isn't the cause of the issue, replace the valve assembly. If this troubleshooting does not work, professional assistance is necessary.

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If the motor to the power head does not work, the valve may stay in the open position. To troubleshoot this, use a small hammer to lightly tap the valve. If it closes, then there is a bad power head, and a power head replacement is necessary. If it does not close, continue to troubleshoot the valve.

Checking the manual head is the next step if the motor still works and the valve does not close. To do this, check to see if the lever moves freely or not. If it does, there is an issue with the spring. There is a small plate and spring that must come together, so snap them together to see if the valve closes. If it does not, replacing the valve assembly is necessary.

Replacing the valve assembly is not difficult, but it does require soldering a new valve into the boiler. There are adapter kits available that do not require this, but it is important to follow manufacturer directions during the installation. It is also necessary to mark each part to make installation easier.

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