How Do You Troubleshoot Zanussi Washing Machines?

Zanussi washing machines come with user manuals that contain descriptions of common problems and suggestions on how to troubleshoot them. If the user manual is missing, an online copy may be downloaded from Zanussi's official website.

Zanussi has two washer models: the Lindo100 and Lindo300. The user manuals for both models are similar, differing only in the size of the tub, though troubleshooting a Zanussi washing machine may depend on the specific model and make of the equipment.

The user manual lists a number of common problems and possible solutions. If the wash program does not start, the power supply must be activated and the appliance door closed. It may be possible that the delay start is set. If this is the case, the setting may be cancelled or the delay countdown may be allowed to expire. Problems involving water filling of the washing machine may be attributed to water supply. If the water inside the appliance does not drain, the sink spigot must be checked for possible clogging. The drain option must also be included in a wash program that does not have a drain phase by default. If there are abnormalities in terms of spin phase operation or washing cycle duration, the items inside the tub should be adjusted and the spin phase started anew.

If major problems occur or if the troubleshooting guide does not address a specific issue, the case must be forwarded to a service center authorized by Zanussi.