How Do You Troubleshoot a Wolf Cooktop That Isn't Heating?


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Sub-Zero and Wolf sells both electric and induction cooktops, but the process of troubleshooting them starts with making sure they are receiving electricity. If none of the cooktops produce heat and the digital displays don't show anything, a fuse may be blown, or the circuit breaker may have tripped.

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If the system is not receiving power, check the circuit breaker and reset the appropriate switch. While this can fix the problem, there may be something else wrong with the system that caused the circuit breaker to trip in the first place. Cooktops have several fuses, and the main power fuse can sometimes break. Using the operator's manual, users can locate it and inspect to see if it's broken.

If an individual cooktop stops working, an individual fuse may have blown. After lifting the top of the cooktop, fuses are generally easy to access. A visual inspection should be enough to determine if it's broken and needs replacement. Since all of Sub-Zero and Wolf's cooktops are flat, they are typically safe from debris and other buildup. Carefully cleaning the interior, however, may help ensure electricity can flow to the individual cooktops. Cooktops are designed to be easy to unplug and plug in, so users can make sure their cooktops haven't become dislodged once the top of the range has been lifted.

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