How Do You Troubleshoot Whirlpool Dryers?

How Do You Troubleshoot Whirlpool Dryers?

After identifying the symptoms, troubleshoot a Whirlpool dryer by looking first for the most common problems, moving down to less frequent problems until you find the issue. Common complaints include noisiness, poor drying, insufficient heat and too much heat. Possible solutions include identifying blockages, broken components and malfunctioning control systems.

  1. Troubleshoot for noise

    Abnormal noises emanating from a Whirlpool dryer can be caused by a broken or damaged belt, broken tensioner springs, objects stuck in the dryer vanes and objects stuck in the blower wheel. For Whirlpool dryers, look first for items caught in the removable plastic dryer vanes.

  2. Look for the cause of poor drying

    If the dryer is not drying items thoroughly, check for poor airflow by looking for clogs in the dryer vents. Ensure that the belt is not broken by checking that the dryer is turning as expected. Next, check if the motor is locked.

  3. Identify the cause of insufficient heat

    Depending on your model, address problems of insufficient heat by checking the air flow, thermostat, temperature control system, gas burner and electric heating elements.

  4. Troubleshoot for overly high temperatures

    If the dryer's temperature is too high, look for thermostat problems, poor or obstructed airflow, clogged dryer vents or blocked exhaust.