How Do You Troubleshoot Well Water Pressure Tanks?


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Troubleshoot a well pressure tank by checking for power, listening to ensure the pump is not short-cycling, checking the pressure when the tank is empty and checking to see where the limit switch starts and stops the pump. Some repairs require calling for professional help.

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If there is no water in the house, the problem sometimes lies with the electrical power. Try turning on other appliances to see if they work. Check the circuit breaker or fuse for the pump and reset or replace it if necessary.

If the bladder fails, the pump often turns off and on rapidly. The air serves as a buffer to ensure long pump life. If the air leaks, the pump must supply all the water pressure. Follow the manufacturer's directions for a bladder failure.

Most tanks include a port at the top of the tank that allows using a tire pressure gauge to test the tank pressure. Test the pressure to ensure it is within the manufacturer's specifications. Be aware that some manufacturers void the tank warranty if anyone other than a professional removes the cap.

The limit switch activates the pump when the water pressure reaches the lower set point and turns it off at the upper point. If the switch is not working correctly, call for professional help in setting it.

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