How Do You Troubleshoot a Water Well Pump?

How Do You Troubleshoot a Water Well Pump?

How Do You Troubleshoot a Water Well Pump?

In order to troubleshoot a water well pump, follow the troubleshooting tips outlined in the owner's manual. Ensure the power is off at the breaker before performing any troubleshooting tasks.

Some basic troubleshooting tips for well pumps are:

  1. Check the voltage
  2. Check the motor's voltage rating and ensure the connected voltage matches.

  3. Inspect the wiring
  4. Check the power at the fuse box and ensure the power was turned in the on position when the pump was not working. Then inspect the wiring and pressure switch to identify the cause.

  5. Inspect the power wires
  6. Inspect and repair any loose or damaged wires at the pump's motor and the pressure switch.

  7. Test the starting components
  8. Test the capacitor and other starting components and either repair or replace the pump or motor as necessary.

  9. Check the depth to water
  10. If the well is too low or too high for the pump's rating, it will not be able to sufficiently operate. Use a pump that is compatible with the well's conditions.

  11. Inspect the check valve
  12. A stuck or improperly installed check valve can keep the pump from operating correctly. Re-install or replace the check valve.

  13. Inspect the drop valve
  14. Inspect the drop valve for leaks or loose joints and repair or replace as necessary.

  15. Inspect the connector shaft
  16. The connector shaft that connects the motor to the wet end can wear, so repair or replace as necessary.

There are many components that can fail, so check the owner's manual for model-specific troubleshooting tips.