How Do You Troubleshoot a Water Pipe Heater?


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A water pipe heater could be causing problems for a number of reasons. Causes include corroded pipes, a rusty tank or leaks in the pipes. Start troubleshooting by tightening the pipes and turning off the cold water inlet.

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How Do You Troubleshoot a Water Pipe Heater?
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If tightening the pipes and shutting off the cold water inlet doesn't work, the water in the pipes needs to be drained, and the pipes need to be tightened. If the pipes are still causing problems, the pipe should be replaced or fixed with Teflon tape. Test the new or fixed piping by turning the water back on and allowing it to run through the pipes. This is the best troubleshooting choice if the threads leading to the tank are damaged.

Other ways to test problems with a water pipe heater include checking the power or running a circuit test, ensuring that the heater is receiving the correct voltage, and checking for a dry fire. If the pipe is producing some hot water but not enough, turning the thermostat up may fix the problem. However, the thermostat should not be set above 120 degrees, as it could cause scalding injuries. Depending on the specific problem and brand of water pipe heater, homeowners should consult the manual, or call a professional for help if troubleshooting does not work.

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