How Do You Troubleshoot a Speed Queen Dryer?

If your Speed Queen dryer does not start or heat, it may be possible to troubleshoot it rather than calling a repairman. Troubleshooting is also possible if the clothes come out wrinkled or inadequately dried.

  1. Check the power to the dryer

    If the dryer does not turn on, make sure the power cord is plugged in and that the door is closed. Check the fuses or circuit breakers to confirm there is electrical power coming into the laundry room.

  2. Check the exhaust duct and weather hood

    If the dryer does not heat, make sure the exhaust duct is not blocked or dirty. Check the weather hood to see if the flapper can move freely. Also make sure the temperature controls are set to heat. If the heat is set too low, clothes will not dry at maximum efficiency.

  3. Check the drying load

    If clothes are not drying properly, check the drying load. If the load is too small or unbalanced, clothes may not dry well even if the dryer is working properly. Make sure to sort clothes properly before drying. Clean the lint filter to allow for more even drying. Overly large loads may result in the clothes coming out of the dryer wrinkled.