How Do You Troubleshoot a River Deep Fryer?


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Ways of troubleshooting a River deep fryer include replacing the thermopile, cleaning the burner orifices and adjusting the thermostat. The steps to troubleshooting a River deep fryer accurately do depend on the specific problem.

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A malfunctioning pilot light is a common problem with deep fryers, and is usually caused by a broken thermopile. This causes the deep fryer not to work at all. The thermopile should be inspected for damage, and replaced if needed. This should only be done by a professional appliance repair person for safety reasons, and to ensure that further damage does not occur to the appliance during repair.

A deep fryer that is not igniting, or is not igniting all around, is a common problem caused by clogged burner orifices. The problem can be fixed by cleaning the orifices. Appliance owners should turn off the flames, and clean the orifices of lint and other debris using a wire brush.

Lastly, a thermostat that is out of calibration can make the oil temperature difficult to control. This is usually indicated by oil that is too hot or too cool. The problem is fixed by checking the thermostat for wires that may be disconnected, and reconnecting them as needed. Faulty thermostats should be replaced as required.

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