How Do You Troubleshoot and Repair Common Freezer Problems?


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Troubleshooting and repairing common freezer problems involves inspecting the power source, thermostat and compressor relay, as well as replacing gaskets, evaporator coils or other components that may be faulty or malfunctioning. For safety reasons, always disconnect power to the appliance before performing repairs.

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Check the power source, indicator light and start relay for appliances that do not power on. Freezers that power on but produce a clicking sound typically require a new starter relay. Inspecting and replacing the thermostat, freezer thermometer and gasket can remedy many common issues that may result in appliances running continuously. Problems with the defrost timer, cold control, compressor and evaporator coils may result in appliances that do not freeze or provide inconsistent temperature control.

Remove any items stored too close to the fan vent and ensure that stored items have enough space so that air reaches every point within the freezer. Place a thermometer inside the freezer and check it periodically to ensure appliances are achieving desired temperatures. Other simple repairs may include pulling the unit away from the wall to inspect and clean the evaporator coils, ensuring the drain tube is free of obstructions and relocating units away from hot and sunny environments that may interfere with their operation.

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