How Do You Troubleshoot Problems With a KitchenAid Ice Maker?


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To troubleshoot problems with a Kitchen Aid ice maker, homeowners should check the pressure of the water supply, ensure the waterline shutoff valve is open, inspect the water filter for clogs and check that the ice maker tray is installed correctly. Piping and hoses may also need to be inspected.

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Troubleshooting is typically necessary when the ice maker does not produce ice, the ice cubes produced are small or hollow, the dispenser does not operate properly or the ice cubes have a funny color, taste or odor.

If ice cubes are hollow or small, the cause is commonly low water pressure within the water supply. Homeowners should check to see if the water shutoff valve is open and inspect the water supply lines for pinched areas or kinks that could restrict the water flow. The filter may also need to be examined for clogs or faulty installation. If the ice maker is not producing ice, the freezer temperature may not be cold enough. It could potentially take 24 hours for ice to produce once the temperature is lowered to below freezing.

When the ice maker is not operating correctly, homeowners should inspect the delivery shoot to remove any ice stuck or blockages. If the freezer door is not firmly shut, the ice maker may not work as well. All bins should be checked to ensure they are firmly in place.

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