How Do You Troubleshoot Problems With Your Amana Oven's Pilot Ignition Switch?


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To troubleshoot problems with the pilot igniter switch on an Amana stove, inspect the gas tank, check the igniter for debris and clean the igniter. Checking for sparks and inspecting electrical connections are also ways to troubleshoot the pilot igniter.

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To begin troubleshooting the pilot igniter switch on an Amana stove, check the gas supply lines to ensure they work correctly. Check to ensure the tank has sufficient gas, and ensure the valves are on. Look at the igniter to check for debris and dirt, and then use a toothbrush on the igniter to clean it. Scrub the surface with the toothbrush, and blow on it to remove all of the debris. It is also necessary to clean the pilot hole where the gas comes through. It is small, so use a needle to sweep away gunk and buildup.

At this point, turn the gas off, and then hit the ignition button. If it is working correctly, there is a clicking noise and sparks. If there is no noise or spark, replace the igniter. It is also necessary to look at the electrical connections that go to the igniter to make sure they are secure. If the connections are not secure, use a screwdriver to ensure the connections are tight.

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