How Do You Troubleshoot a Pool Pump?

How Do You Troubleshoot a Pool Pump?

To troubleshoot a pool pump, identify the specific problem and fix it by using suggested tips, including replacing pool parts and adjusting the water level in a pool. has a pool pump troubleshooting guide that helps solve the most common problems encountered with pool pumps.

A common issue with pool pumps is leakage. If the threaded fitting that carries water out of the pump is shrinking and causing the leak, replace it with a high temperature fitting. If water is leaking due to a worn-out mechanical seal, replace the seal.

Another issue is air in the pump basket; this problem is solved by blocking the source of the air. Typically, air comes from around the pump, above-ground. A solution is to check and normalize the water level in the pool, which sometimes causes the problem. Problems with the skimmer weir and a loose pump basket lid also cause air in the pump basket.

If water is pumped abnormally, check the skimmer baskets for debris. If the pump basket has cracks, it accumulates debris and clogs the pump's impeller. To fix this, replace the pump basket. Otherwise, check the impeller for debris.

If the pool pump's motor is too noisy, it usually needs to be replaced. When the pump overheats, the bearings become damaged and cause the motor to make screaming or screeching noises. If the motor makes a grinding sound, the issue is due to cavitation. In this case, an obstruction is blocking water flow into the pump.