How Do You Troubleshoot a Pellet Stove?


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Troubleshooting a pellet stove depends on the problem of the stove. Common pellet stove problems include failure to start and improper burning. Other problems include air leakage through damaged door seals and improper pellet feeding into the burn pot due to auger damage.

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A pellet stove's failure to start may result from lack of power supply to the unit due to a damaged circuit breaker or power outlet. To troubleshoot this problem, examine the power outlet for damages, and fix the damage or replace the outlet as needed, taking care to disconnect the power supply to the outlet first to prevent a possible electric shock. If the problem persists despite fixing the outlet, examine the circuit breaker for a blown fuse, remove the fuse, and put in a new one. If the stove still fails to start, examine the circuit board for damages, and replace the board as needed before plugging in and testing the stove.

Improper burning may result from a blockage in the air inlet cap due to accumulation of wastes. It may also occur due to waste buildup in the burn pot or vent. Improper burning due to waste build up in the burn pot typically manifests in sooty burning. Troubleshooting this problem involves cleaning the cap, burn port or vent of the waste buildup. Regular cleaning of these parts helps to prevent this problem.

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