How Do You Troubleshoot an A.O. Smith Water Heater?

To troubleshoot an A.O. Smith water heater, tighten any loose connections, adjust the gas valve and adjust the thermostat. The specific steps to troubleshoot an A.O. Smith water heater further depend on the particular model.

A leaking water heater is a common problem that is caused by a loose connection. To fix the problem, begin by inspecting the outgoing hot water connection, the cold water supply, the thermostat connections and the drain or relief valve for loose connections. Carefully tighten any loose connection, ensuring that it fits securely.

Another common problem with water heaters is a pilot light that is not turning on. This is usually caused by a closed gas supply. To fix the problem, check that the gas valve is not in the Off position. A gas valve that is aligned with the gas line indicates that it is on. A dirty pilot assembly is another cause of this problem. Appliance owners should refer to the user manual for directions on how to clean the component.

Lastly, water coming out too hot is a common problem with water heaters, and it is caused by incorrect thermostat settings. To fix the problem, locate the temperature control knob on the thermostat and decrease the water temperature. Refer to the appliance user manual for directions on which direction to turn the knob if it is not indicated on the thermostat.