How do you troubleshoot a Norcold refrigerator?


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Norcold refrigerators are commonly found in RVs. One can troubleshoot them by checking for an ammonia smell, checking if the controls are working and checking for yellow powder around the burner.

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  1. Check for an ammonia smell

    Open the refrigerator, and check the inside for an ammonia smell. This could indicate a leak in the evaporator of the unit.

  2. Check for a gurgling sound

    Listen to the back of the refrigerator when you turn on the unit. If you hear a gurgling sound for a few minutes right as it starts, this could indicate an evaporator leak that has gone on for an extended period of time.

  3. Check if the controls are working

    If the refrigerator temperature and on/off controls are working and the cooling unit in the back becomes warm to the touch when turned on but the inside of the refrigerator is not lowering in temperature, then there could be blockage in the boiler section.

  4. Look for yellow powder

    On the back of the refrigerator, look near and just above the burner for yellow powder. This could indicate a leak in the boiler system. One would not smell ammonia in this instance, because the leak is outside of the refrigerator box.

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