How Do You Troubleshoot a Maytag Portable Air Conditioner?

A Maytag portable air conditioner is ideal for a small room with no air conditioning or insufficient cooling. If your unit suddenly seems unable to keep an area cool, troubleshoot to identify and correct the problem. Check the ambient temperature, clean filters and vents, check for icing issues, and arrange for a professional service if required./

  1. Consider the ambient temperature

    Extreme temperatures increase the cooling load for your air conditioner. Reduce the cooling load by keeping the windows covered. Start the unit earlier in the day so it maintains a cool room for a longer amount of time.

  2. Clean the filter

    Portable air conditioners filter the dust from the room. A dirty filter prevents air from flowing through the cooling coils properly. Remove the filter and wash it to remove accumulated dust and dirt. Reinstall the filter in the unit. Clean the filters every two to four weeks, depending on operating conditions.

  3. Check for ice

    If the airflow through the unit seems lower than normal, check the cooling coils for ice. Units are more likely to form ice if the filter or the evaporator coils are dirty. Turn the machine off, and allow the ice to melt. Clean the filter and coils. Empty the water collection tank, and start the unit again.

  4. Call for professional service

    If the coils and filter are clean, but the ice formation continues, the portable air conditioner is sometimes low on coolant. Call an air conditioning professional to have it checked and recharged.