How Do You Troubleshoot LG Washer Problems?


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According to LG, the best way to troubleshoot LG washer problems is to use the LG app. If that does not work or it is impossible to access the app, call the LG representative directly.

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Download the LG Smart Diagnosis app on a smartphone. Next, turn on the power button on the washer, and hold the phone's mouthpiece very close to the power button. While holding the phone close to the button, press and hold the Wash/Rinse key for three seconds. A tone transmission will sound that takes approximately 17 seconds. Hold the phone in place for the entirety of that transmission, and follow the display as it counts down the time. Afterward, the Smart Diagnosis app will provide detailed instructions regarding how to fix what is wrong with the washer.

If the app does not work or cannot be used, contact LG directly. When LG prompts, turn the power button on, and hold the mouthpiece of the phone close to the button. Press and hold the Wash/Rinse key for three seconds, and then keep the phone in place for approximately 17 seconds. Afterward, the LG support representative on the phone will be able to diagnose the problem and offer assistance fixing it.

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