How Do You Troubleshoot a Legacy Garage Door Opener?

To troubleshoot a Legacy garage door opener, count how many times the LED indicator blinks and reference the owner's manual for specific instructions. Consult a professional if common troubleshooting tips do not solve the issue.

The blinking red or green light on a Legacy display unit could signify the following issues:

  • Red light
  • If the red LED light is continuously on or blinks once, the programming is likely incomplete on either the unit or the remote. Complete the programming.

  • One green blink
  • One blink from the green light can be from an obstruction, a faulty beam sensor or incomplete programming. Remove any obstructions, complete programming or replace the beam sensor.

  • Two green blinks
  • Two blinks from the green light can be from faulty wiring, sensors that are out of alignment or a continuous obstruction. Check for obstructions and reference the owner's manual for specific instructions to repair or replace the wiring.

  • Three green blinks
  • Seeing three green blinks indicates that the limits are likely set backward and require reprogramming.

  • Four green blinks
  • Four green blinks can be an issue with the wiring or with the push button. Replace or repair the push button or wiring.

  • Five green blinks
  • Five green blinks can signify an issue with the chain, thermal protector or control system. The tension on the chain may need to be adjusted, the motor may need to be reset, or the control board could need to be replaced.