How Do You Troubleshoot Your Keurig?


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Ensure the machine is connected to power, check for error messages, ensure the K-cup is inserted correctly and clean the machine to troubleshoot a Keurig coffee maker. If problems persist, contact the manufacturer for repair options.

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How Do You Troubleshoot Your Keurig?
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The Keurig requires power to brew. Make sure the power plug is inserted into a working outlet before proceeding with other troubleshooting.

If the machine displays an error message, it is not ready for brewing. It informs the user if the water reservoir is empty. Remove the reservoir, fill it with fresh water and return it to the machine. Take the time to seat the reservoir correctly.

Lift the handle on the pod holder and check the cup. If it has been previously used, replace it. Ensure you place the cup correctly in the machine and press firmly on the handle to pierce it.

Coffee sometimes builds up around the exit needle. Clean it with a paper clip or toothpick. Remove the basket and clean it, paying particular attention to the opening at the bottom of the funnel. Clean the water pipes in the machine by adding distilled white vinegar to the reservoir and running the brew cycle several times. Once the scale is removed, rinse the machine by emptying the reservoir, filling it with water and running several cycles of water through the machine.

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