How Do You Troubleshoot a Kenmore Water Softener?

A Kenmore water softener helps to prevent hard water. As a result, you are able to use less detergent in the washing machine and dishwasher. Water softeners do not always work according to their design, so you may have to troubleshoot.

  1. Check the power

    Softening water using one of these units requires electricity. Check for power at the outlet you are using. A faulty transformer on the softener sometimes prevents units from working even though they are connected at the outlet. If there is no power at the outlet, check the circuit breaker.

  2. Fix poor water flow

    Consumers sometimes complain of poor water flow with their water softener. If the pressure is weak, check the soft water valve to ensure it is open. If the pressure is low for the outlets that bypass the softener, contact the water utility provider or check the pressure in the well tank.

  3. Stop the salt taste

    The unit discards a portion of the water passing through using a drain hose. Kinks in the hose cause the excess water to remain in the tank, making the tap water taste salty. The kinked hose often causes a flooded salt tank.

  4. Give the water access to the salt

    In order for the system to work, the softener requires the use of salt. The manufacturer recommends water softener nuggets or pellets. Avoid the use of rock salt or solar salt.