How Do You Troubleshoot a Kenmore Elite Model 110 Washer?

To troubleshoot a Kenmore Elite Model 110 washer, first identify the problem. For example, the tub does not fill, the machine stops too soon, or the soap creates too many suds. Then check the troubleshooting section of the owner's manual, and try its recommendations.

If the washer does not fill, rinse or wash properly, make sure the lid is closed during operation. If that does not fix the problem, be sure the power cord is inserted into a working, grounded three-prong outlet. Also, check that the water valves are on, that the water inlet hose is not bent and that its valve screens are not blocked.

Sometimes the washer makes odd noises. They are often caused by unbalanced loads. Check the owner's manual to see if the maximum load size has been exceeded. If so, remove some items. It that does not help, check to see if the machine is level. If not, adjust the legs.

Some noises do not indicate problems. A spraying sound is a normal part of the wash cycle. Air sometimes makes a loud sound when water is drained through the pump. This is also a standard part of the washing process. Neither are reasons to become concerned.