How Do You Troubleshoot an Ionic Breeze Quadra Air Purifier?


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Ways to troubleshoot an Iconic Breeze Quadra air purifier include replacing the motor, cleaning the cell and changing the filters. Running an air purifier continuously helps the user to get the most benefits from it.

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An air purifier that runs sluggishly or that does not run at all can be fixed by replacing the motor. Appliance owners should test the motor and either service or replace it depending on the severity of the problem. Problem can also sometimes be fixed by tightening any loose screws on the fan’s setscrew.

An air purifier that makes excessive noise while running can be fixed by removing and cleaning the cell according to the manufacturer’s directions. A dirty cell is usually indicated by crackling, hissing and popping sounds during operation. Other noises can be fixed by tightening the fan located on the motor shaft or by lubricating the motor bearings.

Finally, a unit that does not clean air properly can be fixed by cleaning or replacing the filters, depending on the model. The unit should also be clear of any obstructions such as large furniture, drapes and walls for it to work effectively. Appliance owners experiencing this problem are also advised to check the unit’s capacity against the room size and to replace it with a larger capacity purifier if necessary.

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