How Do You Troubleshoot Ice Makers in GE Profile Refrigerators?


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To troubleshoot the ice maker in a GE Profile refrigerator, homeowners should check the water filter for cracks or clogs and inspect the piping and hoses for damage or leaks. The pressure of the water supply should be checked as well as the waterline shutoff valve.

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If the water supply of an ice maker is too low, only small and hollow ice cubes form. The ice maker may not operate if the waterline shutoff valve is closed, the hoses are damaged or if the water filter needs to be replaced. When the ice bin is not installed correctly or the freezer door is not firmly shut, it is likely the ice maker ceases operation. If the temperature of the freezer is not below freezing temperatures, ice may not produce and the ice maker could malfunction.

If the ice maker is not producing ice, homeowners should pull out the ice bin and inspect the bin and dispenser for blockages, such as stuck ice or debris. Ice that has a funny odor, color or taste could be a result of piping that has deteriorated or water hoses with damage. Once the hoses and piping are fixed, it is recommended to run a few cycles to flush out any minerals or chemicals within the water supply.

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