How Do You Troubleshoot a HydroTherm Boiler?


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To troubleshoot a HydroTherm boiler, first identify the specific problem. Common problems associated with HydroTherm boilers include failure to heat, defective pilot lights and failure to turn on. Other problems include a faulty thermostat, producing loud noises, water leakage and loss of pressure.

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The radiators fail to heat up when the diaphragm is broken, the water valve is clogged, or the pump is faulty. Removing the excess air in the radiators regularly, cleaning the valves or replacing the pump might help resolve this problem. A HydroTherm boiler may keep turning off when the water pressure is low or if the thermostat is defective. Increasing house water pressure or replacing the thermostat can rectify this.

A defective thermocouple may cause the pilot light to keep going off and this may require repair from a professional technician. An old thermostat is less accurate, and it may cause misleading temperature settings, or it may turn the heating system on or off by itself. Replacing the thermostat rectifies this problem. Buildup of lime scalein the heat exchanger may cause the HydroTherm boiler to produce loud noises. Power flushing the pipes can rectify this problem.

Water leakage may be caused by loose connections inside the boiler. To resolve this problem, contact a qualified heating engineer. Loss of pressure in the system might be caused by water leakage or a worn-out pressure relief valve. Identifying the water leakage location and replacing the pressure valve may help to resolve this problem.

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