How to Troubleshoot Heating Problems at Home?

troubleshoot-heating-problems-home Credit: Echo/Cultura/Getty Images

Troubleshoot heating problems at home by determining the cause, such as a thermostat merely being set at too low a temperature, by the problem, which is that the furnace does not put out enough heat. The solution is to raise the thermostat settings to a comfortable temperature.

Low heat in a home can be caused by other problems such as a dirty filter or burner, a clogged blower or registers and a broken blower belt. A dirty filter or clogged blower can be cleaned or replaced by the homeowner. If the registers are blocked, the individual can make sure that no furniture or other items are blocking them and preventing air flow. However, some causes such as a dirty burner can only be solved by a professional.

Another problem is that the furnace isn't running. This can be caused by a lack of power and gas, the pilot light being out, the power switch being in the off position or the motor getting overloaded. The individual can solve this by turning the switch on or checking a fuse box for any tripped circuit breakers and resetting them. If gas is not getting to the furnace, the individual needs to make sure that the valve is open. An unlit pilot light can be lit, and an overloaded motor can be reset.