How Do You Troubleshoot GE Dryer Problems?

How Do You Troubleshoot GE Dryer Problems?

How Do You Troubleshoot GE Dryer Problems?

To troubleshoot a dryer, it is necessary to identify the problem and determine which possible solution is the cause of the problem. Parts, such as dryer belts, may be necessary to repair the dryer. Most problems can be solved within a few hours if the necessary parts are readily available.

  1. Identify the problem

    Some common problems with GE dryers include failure to spin, failure to heat and power failures that prevent the dryer from turning on. Dryers are also prone to overheating, which causes the appliance to stop working before the cycle is completed.

  2. Test the dryer to isolate the problem

    Attempt to find a solution by checking the breaker and power outlet connected to the machine, and use a continuity meter to test items, such as the door switch, to ensure the parts are working properly. Generally, it is necessary to unplug the dryer before opening any panels. Test the vent system by disconnecting the vent hose and allowing the dryer to run for several minutes to determine whether the problem has been solved.

  3. Apply the recommended solutions

    After isolating the problem, begin applying the recommended solutions beginning with the simplest repairs. Purchasing and installing a dryer maintenance kit can remedy several types of common problems.