How Do You Troubleshoot Gas Furnace Burners That Do Not Ignite?

To troubleshoot gas furnace burners that do not ignite, inspect the pilot light, ensure the gas valve is on and perform other common troubleshooting tasks. Review the owner's manual for model-specific troubleshooting instructions.

Follow these steps below to troubleshoot furnace ignition problems:

  1. Clean the pilot light
  2. Older furnaces have pilot lights, which can become loosened or clogged. To unclog a pilot orifice, first turn off the gas and power to the furnace, and then use a thin wire to unclog the debris within the orifice. Ensure the pilot light's flame adjustment screw is turned high enough for the flame to not have any yellow in it.

  3. Ensure the pilot light is lit
  4. Refer to the owner's manual for specific instructions on how to relight a pilot light, or consult a professional.

  5. Reset the ignition control module
  6. On furnaces that feature an electronic ignition, turn the power off and then on again to reset the module.

  7. Check the gas valve
  8. The furnace needs to receive gas to operate, so inspect the gas valve to ensure it is still in the "On" position. If there are other gas appliances in the home, turn them on to make sure gas is still being supplied to the home.

  9. Consult a professional
  10. If common troubleshooting tasks fail, consult a professional to inspect the furnace and perform maintenance and repairs.