How Do You Troubleshoot a Garage Door Opener Remote Control?


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In order to troubleshoot a garage door opener remote control, replace the batteries, ensure the programming is correct and reference the owner's manual for additional model-specific troubleshooting tips. If troubleshooting tips do not solve the issue, replace the unit with a compatible model.

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In order to troubleshoot a garage door opener remote control:

  1. Check other units
  2. If a garage door opener remote is not working, check other remotes and the wall switch to determine if the problem is with the remote or another component of the door opener.

  3. Replace the batteries
  4. Once it is determined that the remote control is the problem, start with the simplest solution of replacing the batteries. Some models pry open to access the batteries while others are screwed together. Consult the owner's manual for model-specific instructions.

  5. Reprogram the remote
  6. The garage door opener needs to be programmed to accept the remote control code. If the remote is not working, clear the current remote codes and reprogram the remote.

  7. Replace the unit
  8. If the troubleshooting tips do not fix the problem. the remote may need to be replaced. Purchase a compatible remote for the opener. If one is not available, purchase a universal remote. As a last resort, owners can replace the unit's receiver as well as the remote to ensure they are compatible.

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