How Do You Troubleshoot Garage Door Opener Problems?


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Most common problems associated with a garage door opener are fairly simple to repair, but there are different symptoms that can affect openers, such as the door does not open or close, makes an unusual sound, reverses on its own or does not close completely. Most of these problems can be fixed quickly by a homeowner if he or she uses the instructions in the owner manual that came with the opener.

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One common problem with garage door openers is when the door does not close completely or reverses direction when it strikes the floor. The garage door opener manual should be checked for instructions on how to adjust the close or travel limit switch. This likely involves resetting the limit switch.

Another problem is when the garage opener is making rattling sounds. This can happen when the hardware associated with the garage door becomes damaged or is not working properly. Any loose hardware should be tightened or the trolley alignment adjusted.

There can be many other issues that cause a garage door opener to malfunction. If the manual does not have instructions to make the necessary fixes, then a professional repair person needs to be contacted in order to ensure that the repair is done correctly.

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